5 certainties of 2GO Software

No. 1 software specialist

2GO Software is the number 1 software specialist of Europe!

Our team of specialists is working around the clock on improving the website, keeping our prices competitive and improving our installation- and activation manuals. Taking the lead (and staying there) does not come easy at all. We are extra proud that it is thanks to our customers that we are able to maintain this position.  Our customer experience being the best there is, that's saying something. 

On Trustpilot (an independent review platform),  "We rank highest in the category Software!" . Want to see what our customers actually say about us? Keep scrolling!

Not satisfied? Refund guaranteed

Is the software not functioning properly? Does the software not live up to your expectation?   We can fix that!

Requesting a refund is easy, provided you did not break the product seal in your account. You can apply for a "no-questions-asked" refund within 30 days of purchase. You will receive a full refund. No additional charges. Purchased by accident? Do you need another product instead of the one you purchased? Exchanging your product is no problem either. In fact, it's even faster in most cases.

Feel free to contact our  Customer service . We are happy to help! Want more detailed info about requesting a refund or exchange?
Have a look at our Return conditions .

Installation warranty

2GO Software is 100% satisfied only when you are. Our team won't sit idle until your software is up and running. 

With our promise of successful installation, you can be sure of fully functional software on your device.  Need some troubleshooting for errors or technical difficulties? Feel free to start a chat or send us an email. We get you back on track by giving you easy to understand information on what's causing your problem and how to fix it. If the situation becomes too technical, we can start remote support on your device (if the situation demands it).

Our team of specialists will stop at nothing to get your software up and running. Now that's a warranty!

Personalized manuals 

Only at 2GO Software you'll receive an activation manual which is fully adjusted to the purchased product. This will help you step-by-step with downloading, installing, and activating your software. 

These manuals also include information on; removing old software, installing a trial to test your product, getting it on your mobile devices, and much more. Thanks to the frequently asked questions in your manual (dynamically loaded depending on what step you are on), you can fix any issue with ease. The manual also ensures that you can renew without loss of subscription days.

A unique model ; an easy-to-understand manual containing all the information and tools you could possibly need. All in one place.

100% legitimate software

At 2GO Software we only provide legitimate licenses. No black market keys, no volume license keys or second hand software, and especially no sketchy phone or console activation constructs. 2GO Software always provides official software with a genuine and legitimate license certificate which you may always register (and check) with the manufacturer 

This means that the software can always be transferred to a different computer and does not bind to your machine like illegal licenses would. This is especially convenient when you decide to purchase a new machine or when your current device fails you.  Purchasing your software somewhere other than 2GO Software often means you can't transfer or reinstall your software.

Stay ahead of issues where your software suddenly locks you out or stops working at a moments notice.  Buy strictly legitimate genuine software at 2GO Software!
The software we sell will always remain operational the entire duration or your subscription/license.

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