6 reasons for using a a VPN

VPN is still a relatively unknown product. In this VPN-special, we would like to explain why you should use a VPN! A VPN can be a great asset if you know what (and how) to use it. The 6 most important reasons are really not all the functionalities of a VPN; they are the most common reasons why our customers use a VPN. 

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Reason 1: Discover hidden films & series on various streaming services!

Many films and series on Netflix are not yet available in the Netherlands. This also applies to other video services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime. By using a VPN, you get access to films & series that are already available abroad. This allows you to watch series you would not normally be able to watch, but which are already available in the United States, for example.

TIP: Choose a VPN with many servers. There are providers with over 5000+ servers. The'll do a far better job than smaller providers. Some streaming services are constantly blocking VPN providers. With a VPN provider with that many servers, the chance of being blocked is much smaller than with other providers (with fewer servers).

Looking together with less streaming limitations!

Reason 1b: Choose which country you want to browse from. Some providers (e.g. airline travel or holidays) offer a different price for customers from a different country. With a VPN, you can easily choose to browse a webpage from another country. Is the price for a weekend at Disneyland Paris on the French website the same as from the Netherlands? A small price difference will earn you back your VPN in no time! Set your VPN to "France", look up the same holiday you found and compare the price. The same goes for air travel and other things you buy over the Internet.

Reason 2: Download safely and unseen

Although downloading from Torrent is made increasingly difficult (e.g. by a blockade of The Pirate Bay), with VPN there are no more restrictions. By turning on your VPN you can download safely, but above all unseen. Your uploads also go through your VPN connection, so you can be sure that your downloads are also unseen. Even your Internet provider does not know (cannot possibly see) what you download or upload to the Internet.

Every VPN is suitable for this purpose. As long as you have your VPN on, you can download safely and anonymously. Nobody can see what is happening over your VPN. However, it is important to ensure that no log files are kept of the traffic over your VPN. Each provider handles this differently. NordVPN is very transparent about this; there is a no-log policy which ensures that no history is ever collected about you. Want to read more? Secure your (download) connection with NordVPN.

Reason 3: No more blocked sites (at school, at work or with your internet provider)

The example of The Pirate Bay is just one more: this website is blocked by all major Internet Providers. With a VPN, you are not affected by this blockage and you choose which websites to visit. Of course, a VPN is not intended for illegal activities and this is certainly not what 2GO Software promotes, but just think of abroad. Are you going on holiday? Then website blocks are much more common than in the Netherlands. Or would you just like to watch Formula 1 or football while abroad? For this, too, you "must" bypass security and use your VPN to connect to the Netherlands.

In business networks and at schools, blocking websites is often used to "exercise control". Using a VPN? Then you can easily bypass this blocking on your work or school network. With VPN you can access ALL content, anywhere on the Internet, anywhere in the world!

Besides being able to visit all websites, there is also the argument of speed and priority. Internet providers can choose to prioritise traffic to e.g. 2GOSoftware.eu over watching a movie on Netflix. Undesirable, of course! After all, it is up to you whether you consider 2GO Software more important than your film (or not). With a VPN, this technique becomes impossible and all your Internet traffic is by default equal and therefore also equally fast. It is no longer possible that one website is given priority over another because your Internet provider simply cannot see what you are doing.

Access Denied

Reason 4: Working safely on public wifi networks

Use public wifi networks (e.g. when you are on the road). Children also make frequent use of public (free) wifi networks. It is precisely on these networks that you do not have control over security. The wifi owner can make a copy of all the data you send via the network with just a few clicks. Before you know it, your bank details are stolen, your data is used for identity fraud or other things go wrong.

In public places we see many "fake networks" being set up with the sole purpose of stealing personal data. In such places it is good to use a VPN with an automatic start or kill switch function. All VPN providers can offer you protection on public networks.

Reason 5: Anonymous for Facebook and Google

A VPN is not an antivirus program. It does not delete your cookies either. But what it does do is hide your IP address from companies like Facebook, Google and other trackers. These trackers collect as much information as possible about what you search for on the Internet, what you watch and what you like. With this information, you will be shown advertisements with which companies try to make money from your search behaviour.

But beware: Google, Facebook and other trackers also follow you on other websites. This is how it works: with the like-button on external pages, your search behaviour is tracked. With a Google plugin, a Google analytics link or a deliberately installed tracker, many website owners use Google technology to measure results. But Google also uses this data. That is why you should use a VPN to ensure that you can go online safely and anonymously.

Stop Google en Facebook tracking

Reason 6: Protection against hackers: secure your connection

Finally, a VPN is not security like Antivirus. It is an addition to the antivirus that you ALSO need to use. There are several Antivirus brands that also include a VPN in their package. Where Antivirus is a protection for your device, a VPN is the protection of the connection of your device. VPN works for computers/laptops, smartphones and tablets. Securing your connection makes it even harder for hackers to steal your personal data or gain access to your device. The difference between antivirus and vpn we explain here to you.

With the above reasons, we try to show you the possibilities of a VPN. It gives you the tools to think about what you want to use the VPN for. With that you can choose which VPN is the best for your situation. Do you go for an Antivirus+VPN license or do you go for the real top-class VPN packages that are completely specialized in making the best, the fastest and the most reliable VPN.