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Office 2021 Home users & Business: the latest version of Microsoft Office for Windows and for Mac computers. Office 2021 is the successor to the popular Office 2019 package for home users and the self-employed. The new 2021 edition of the software is the expanded version of Office 2019. Office 2021 includes the popular Teams video chat application. The appearance of the applications has been updated and is much nicer and more logical than the Office 2019 predecessor. It's also now possible to collaborate with others, whether they use Microsoft 365 or Office 2021. OneDrive makes collaboration easy, faster and more fun. Also very handy: if you save documents in OneDrive, the documents are automatically saved while you make changes. The package is made for businesses and for home users who are looking for a one-time purchase of Office incl. Microsoft Outlook. Business use of this licence is permitted.

Office 2021 is a multi-device licence; you choose whether you want to install it on Windows or on Mac. The licence is not bound to a user, but to the computer on which it is installed. It is a one-time purchase (lifetime licence). You are allowed to transfer the licence to another computer (e.g. after a system crash or when buying a new computer).

Office 2021 Home and Business: The most used collection of Office software

Office 2021 Home & Business includes Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote en Teams for Windows or Mac. All applications are fully installed on the computer (no cloud connection). Documents can be stored securely locally on your computer, OneDrive or any other (cloud) storage location or company server or NAS of your choice.

Avoid problems, buy legitimate software!

2GO Software is Microsoft Silver Partner which guarantees that your software is legitimate. Always virus free with all possibilities for re-installing, sharing with family and friends and with the right to support at 2GO Software and via Microsoft.

As a customer, you will benefit greatly from this! We are happy to explain it to you on this page:
The benefits of our partnership with Microsoft.

Microsoft Home & Business:

Office 2021 for Home use and Business is the best option to buy the latest edition of Office 2021 without paying monthly or yearly fees. This package is a one-time purchase. Thanks to time-saving features and a simple, modern design in all Office programmes, working with the latest Office is more productive and faster. The new Office software makes it possible to quickly and easily save documents locally on the computer or (optionally) to a cloud solution of your choice (e.g. OneDrive).

What is Office 2021 Home & Business?

Office 2021 for Home and Business is a collection of popular Office programs. The software listed below is included in this bundle. With a few simple clicks you can install this software directly on your PC or Mac:

  1. Microsoft Outlook 2021
  2. Microsoft Word 2021
  3. Microsoft Excel 2021
  4. Microsoft Powerpoint 2021
  5. Microsoft OneNote 2021
  6. Microsoft Teams 2021

A language selection follows during installation. Any European language is allowed. E.g. English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish etc.

Guaranteed legitimate, original Office software

2GO Software is Microsoft Silver Partner. Because of this direct cooperation with Microsoft, you are assured of original, legitimate Microsoft Office programs. In addition to the product itself, 2GO Software provides step-by-step instructions for installing and activating the software and gives an installation and activation warranty. We guarantee that the software will be delivered properly and will always solve any problems for you: Our own service desk is at your service 7 days a week! For example, Office 2021 can always be transferred to a new computer when you purchase it from 2GO Software. Don't take any risks with illegal software or software sold by vendors who are not Microsoft partners, choose 2GO Software.

Looking for Office for more than 1 computer?

Select Microsoft 365 Family for 6 users and benefit from an attractive discount.

Product Summary for Office 2021 Home & Business;

  • Up-to-Date: The latest and most complete version of the Office programmes, including Outlook and Teams.
  • One-time purchase: You become the owner of the software (without recurring payments)
  • Suitable for business use: Can be installed for home users and business environments.
  • Windows or Mac: Suitable for 1 computer.
  • Licence transfer authorised: When you buy from 2GO Software, you can take the licence with you when you buy a new computer. This is handy after a system crash, so you never have to pay again when you buy a new computer.

The advantages of 2GO Software;

  • Microsoft Silver Partner: 100% original and legitimate software guaranteed.
  • Customised manuals help you install and activate the software step by step.
  • Installation guarantee will help you with any problems you may have when using it for the first time. The software will always work! Our service desk is available 7 days a week.
2GO Software - buy software smarter

System requirements for Office 2021:

For Windows users: Windows 10 or Windows 11 minimum is required (32/64 bit support)
For Mac users: The current and previous 2 versions of Mac OS are supported. When a new version of Mac OS is launched, the system requirements increase accordingly. For example, when Mac OS 12.0 Monterey is available, it will be supported along with Mac OS 11.0 Big Sur and Mac OS 10.15 Catalina.

The advantages of ordering from 2GO Software

At 2GO Software, the customer's interests come first! We don't mind extra service for you as a customer, 2GO Software offers the following:

  • Installation guarantee. Having problems installing or activating your product? No problem! Our helpdesk will help you solve the problem, with our installation guarantee we promise that you will get a fully functioning product on your computer!
  • 100% original product at a more competitive price. 2GO Software offers you a very competitive price (many times more competitive than the Microsoft Store) and you are guaranteed to receive an original Microsoft product!
  • Get started right away! You don't have to wait, immediately after ordering your product is available digitally on our website! With simple instructions, you can install and activate the product on your devices.

Microsoft Office 2021 for Home & Business use - always buy legal software

Always buy legitimate software. Do not accept offers that seem too good to be true, because there is still a lot of software on offer that is not legitimate. 2GO Software is a Microsoft Silver Partner and is listed as such on the Microsoft website. Click on the logo below to verify that Microsoft recognises our expertise and knows that we provide original legitimate Microsoft software.

In addition to providing legitimate software to over 200,000 customers, we also support business customers with Microsoft 365 or Office 2021 for Business. Legitimate, with a focus on customer satisfaction. Our reviews from real customers do not lie.

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MSRP: € 299.00
  • Included: Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Teams
  • Suitable for: Windows + Mac
  • For Windows users: Only suitable in combination with Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • One-time purchase (no subscription)
  • 1 user, 1 installation
  • Language selection: EN, FR, DE, IT, SP, NL
  • 5 GB OneDrive-cloudopslag
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