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Norton Security comes in different versions; The differences are not major but useful to know.

Security Standard for 1 device

If you only want to secure 1 device then buying Norton Security Standard is a solid and very affordable choice for your Mobile or laptop.

Security Deluxe for 3, 5 or 6 devices

Buying Norton Security Deluxe gets you the best security if you want to secure your mobile in addition to your laptop. Or your tablet and laptop. Any combination is possible. Nowadays you can use your mobile phone for everything, including online banking. Therefore it is important to also secure your mobile phone. A mobile phone contains a lot of personal information, documents, photos and videos. Nobody wants this data to be lost due to a virus.

Security Premium for 10 devices

With Norton Security Premium you can protect up to 10 devices, making it the ideal choice within a family. This version is the most comprehensive, as you also get 25 GB of online backup with it. You also get a feature called parental controls with this product. This allows you to protect your children from harmful content.

Would you like a handy overview so you can see the differences between the 3 versions at a glance? You can. We've created a comparison table that you can find here:

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