Complaints and our solutions

Do you have a complaint or a negative experience?
We find this very unfortunate and are happy to solve it together!

Please share your negative experience and/or complaint first via our Customer Service. There is a team of specialists ready to help you. In most cases, we can resolve the complaint together with you. Our customer service will respond to your email within 4 hours on working days.

If you still can't work it out, or if you want to escalate your negative experience into a complaint, please contact us. Please send your complaint to our special address: [email protected].
In the description of your complaint, we would like to read:

  • How exactly did the complaint arise?
  • Have you already had contact with us about this complaint and if so, how?
  • In what way do you think we failed in preventing and/or resolving your complaint?
  • What can we do to resolve your complaint or what is the most desirable solution for you?

Our specialist will send you a substantive response within 24 hours.