Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office - Security edition 2022 | 5 PC | 1 Year | 50 GB cloud back-up

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Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office – Security edition 2022 is the newest product of Acronis. The main focus of this product is on cyber security, still offering the possibility of making local and cloud backups.

83% of Home Office users will experience a cyber-attack at least once in their life. Traditional security isn’t sufficient, you need a more advanced solution

The advanced cybersecurity of Acronis Cyber Protect – Security edition 2022 blocks attacks before malware, ransomware or cryptojackers can harm your system. The real-time Antivirus keeps your device and backup safe from malicious activities and even blocks threats that are never-seen-before. It does this by checking every file in real-time you interact with.

With this version of the Security edition of Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office you can protect 5 PCs (Windows or Mac) and an unlimited number of mobile devices (smartphones/tablets) which you can back up to your PC or to the cloud. 50GB of cloud storage for your back-ups is included.

The list of features is endless. The interface is easy to use. Protection like this is never seen before.

2GO Software is a partner of Acronis: you not only get reliable, legitimate licenses from us, but also support. We work closely together with Acronis on this. In addition, you can make use of our service whereby our software specialists can perform the installation and configuration for you.

An advanced cyber security and makes sure that everything is protected; photos, files, applications, systems and of course the devices these are on. The possibility to make a local or cloud backup gives you the certainty that your important photo, files, applications, your system can always be restored in case of an incident.

Vulnerability assessments are done by scanning your system and identify the security weaknesses in your operating system and your apps.

Phishing & Web filtering will block malicious URLs, preventing them from injecting malware, ransomware onto your system when you try to visit them.

The behavioral analysis engine identifies malware when it tries to execute. The identification is done thanks to our new dynamic detection engine, based on how the malware interacts with your Windows machine.

The choice of backups is flexible. You can choose from making an image of the full disk, an incremental or differential backup, to a backup on file-level. Also can you make backups of your Microsoft 365.

The protection is done through an intuitive interface which is accessible from anywhere. Acronis is designed for the user. An easy to use interface will help you to secure your devices against all digital threats.

Other important features are:

  • Real-time Antivirus Keeps your device and backup files safe from malicious activities by blocking even threats that have never been seen before.
  • On-demand virus scanning: Make sure that threats are not lurking on your device by scanning for malware at any time.
  • Protection of videoconference: Enjoy a safe online experience with protection for video conferencing apps (e.g. Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams) and vulnerability assessments. Essential in the work at home environment.
  • Backup of mobile devices: back up an unlimited number of smartphones/tablets.
  • Simple interface: User-friendly interface that nowhere becomes complicated.
  • 50 GB storage in the cloud

The advantages of 2GO Software;

  • 100% Legitimate software including installation and activation guarantee.
  • No automatic debit or small print.
  • 7 days per week reachable by chat and mail.
  • Unique, fully customised manuals, which help you step by step.
2GO Software the Software specialist of Europe

This license is suitable for 5 computers (+ unlimited mobile devices) and can always be updated to the latest version of the software. It also includes 50GB of online storage in the cloud for double backups. You keep one version of the backup in the cloud and a second version locally on your device. Everything can be configured according to your needs

You can buy Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office – Security edition at 2GO Software.

Buying from 2GO Software means 100% legitimate software including installation guarantee, a step-by-step manual for downloading, installing and activating, and a team of specialists who will be happy to help you if you still have problems!

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MSRP: € 99.99
  • Subscription: 1 year
  • Suitable for 5 installations
  • Includes 50GB online storage in the cloud
  • Language selection: EN, FR, DE, NL
  • Valid for initial installation as well as for a renewal
  • Unlimited backups of smartphones and tablets
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  • Simple settings for consumers and small businesses
  • Full image back-ups, Incrementele back-ups, exactly as you want it
  • Includes version history, disk and partition backups and 50+ more features
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