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2GO Software is product-expert. We advise customers every day to ensure they get the product that suits their needs, while also providing the information to get the most out of it.

That's what smarter software means. We believe that providing a solution along with proper information is better than simply sell the product and stop there. This makes 2GO Software the go-to choice for taking your security and productive software needs to the next level.

We improve every day with help from you. Do you have a suggestion that would make us even better? Let us know!

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Returns: Free!

Returning any product is free and can be done up to 2 months (!) after purchase.
After the return is submitted a full refund will be issued within 10 business days to your bank account. Buying a product you've never used before? Nearly every product includes a free 30 days of use. Not incomplete, but the full unrestricted version of your product!

Secure payment & free shipping

Payments made with iDeal never include additional charges. All payments are handled by Pay.NL, our payment-provider. Transactions are listed like: [#your order] | 2GO Software. If you disagree with any transactions, please contact us.

As mentioned, iDeal payments are free-of-charge. Many other payment methods are free as well. However, we have to charge additional fees when paying with Credit Card, VISA, PayPal or Mistercash. Check our Delivery & Payment details page. All orders made with any of the payment methods previously mentioned will be processed automatically. This means all purchases will be available instantly. We do not charge extra for shipping. No snakes in the grass here.

Delivery ETA

Most products don't have a delivery time. An estimated 90% of our software assortment can be used immediately. These products can be retrieved safe and secure through your  license dashboard.

Full Dutch and English guides are available for you when completing your purchase. Extending or renewing a product you already own? You will be done within mere minutes after purchase. Happened to buy a product that's out of stock? Estimated delivery will be listed on the product page. Delivery times for these rarely extend beyond 24 hours after purchase.

Warranty / Guarantee

We offer guaranteed installation on all consumer AntiVirus and Internet-Security products. We will assist you until your installation is complete. Let us know when/if we can help you with any questions regarding your product. If, on exceptional occasion, you happen to receive an invalid license or product key, we will provide a free replacement. Bought the wrong product? You can exchange it for the correct one (only if you did not request your license yet).

Genuine & legitimate licenses
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