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Parallels Desktop: Windows on your Mac, it's really easy!

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Do you want to run Windows programs on your Mac? Or do you want to switch from PC to Mac and transfer your data? This is no problem with Parallels Desktop.

As beautiful as the computers from Apple are, and how pleasant it is to work on an Apple computer with OSX, not all programs are available for your Macintosh computer. Parallels Desktop ensures that you can run Windows on your iMac or MacBook Pro. Without a restart, you can use Mac OS and Windows at the same time!

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Virtual Windows made easy thanks to Parallels Desktop! With Parallels Desktop you simply install Windows on Mac! It is very easy to install Parallels. The software integrates seamlessly with Mac OS, so that restarting to Windows is not necessary. Simply click the Windows programs in the menu bar and start!


All these products are suitable for the Windows operating system. Easy and quick download and installation. All our software comes with an activation manual. In this manual you will always find the latest software suitable for Windows.